E2e Tests With Cucumber and Playwright

While building my side project, i got frustrated with some bugs. So i decided to write tests.

And since i am the only developer, i want to extensively test every single feature of my app. I went to hapi docs to see how it’s done. But i soon remembered the old times when i setup e2e tests in a previous job using puppeteer and cucumber.

It was so good … until we hit the limitations of puppeteer (also because we had some really bad legacy code).

I’d like to give it a shot. But now, with microsoft’s playwright.

First Impressions on Playwright

Using selectors is way easier since i can choose the engine i want and even combine them. My favorite is css … you know! You can use it like this this.page.$('css=#userId')


E2E Test driven development is something i’d like to try.

  1. I’ll just write all scenarios of my MVP in Cucumber
  2. Then i’ll write step definitions
  3. Write code & revisit step definitions if necessary

It’s a great thing for me because i need to write requirements anyway.


  • I want to spin up a separate test env with a separate db and server.
  • I want to setup a Github action to do that on each PR
  • Record a video of the tests.
  • Write a little function that tests graphQL/EdgeQL queries with JSON data to ensure data is O.K