The new era of web development - Backendless


I am a full stack developer and all my experience was spent building SPA or mobile apps (React and react-native).

I always wanted to learn another language. Here are some that interest me:

  • Python because of edge-db. (not so much because they have a JS adapter now)
  • Reason because it’s a functional language that’s close to JS (syntax wise) and with good support for React.
  • Typescript because of types. I find it very verbose though.
  • Elm because it’s functional, safe, different and provides a great DX. Downside (depends!) is it challenges the status quo on everything.
  • Ruby because of Rails. I want to master Web Development. And i only heard good things about Rails.

I settled with Rails (not a language) because i highly appreciate and respect DHH views and opinions and i found Stimulus and Turbolinks to be very promising. And the new secret technology that changes the paradigm of writing front-end apps is … exciting to say the least!

Here are the things i want to learn in this journey: - How to write Server Side apps. The old way! - TDD. - Rails and its philosophy. - Convention over configuration.

Another thing i’m excited about it Edge-db. And i think it has the potential to change the paradigm of how we write apps. I think the next thing will be Serverless meaning no actual server code at all. Front-end apps will directly communicate with the database.

Here we go again. We’ll be writing SPAs again!

But i still think that the front-end space has a lot of space to grow. Apps are more and more complex. And we get more complexity by not using the platform (HTML and CSS) at full. We do need new primitives so that we can write less code.

In the meantime, writing no backend code is a great leap forward in that direction.

I believe a new Rails library will be born for this era. And I want to be the one to build it.

I will share my progress on this journey in this blog. Wish me luck ☘️