React Native - Webview communication


There are various cases in which you would want to display a Webview in a mobile app. You may want to display your privacy policy that’s present in your website, or you may want to integrate with a service that requires the use of a Webview (HelloSign) …

Whatever is your use case, you want the best User Experience. So let’s dive in and see how we can communicate back and forth between native and a Webview.

First, let’s take a look at the official guide for communicating between js and native. I sum it up below.

tl;dr, There are three ways:

  1. React Native -> Web: The injectedJavaScript prop: 1.1. injectedJavaScript: This is a script that runs immediately after the web page loads for the first time. 1.2. injectedJavaScriptBeforeContentLoaded: This is a script that runs before the web page loads for the first time. The downside of these methods is that they run only once
  2. React Native -> Web: The injectJavaScript method enables you to run some JavaScript in the webpage whenever you want.
  3. Web -> React Native: The postMessage method and onMessage prop By setting the onMessage prop on the webview, window.ReactNative.postMessage method will be injected onto the webview and can be used to send messages 📨 to the native side.

Not yet clear? let’s see that in a table

# times it can run from rn to webview from webview to rn when it runs
injectedJavaScript 1 🚫 after page loads
injectedJavaScriptBeforeContentLoaded 1 🚫 before the page starts loading
injectJavaScript 🚫 Whenever you want
postMessage method and onMessage prop 🚫 Whenever you want

Display a loading spinner while the web page is loading

Of the first sight, this seems like a great use case for postMessage method … The webview needs to tell react-native “Hey, i’d done loading”, but we what if i am rendering an external webpage in my webview. How can i use the postMessage?

The answer is right there in our little table: injectedJavascript. As you see, it runs once after page loads. So we need to inject some JavaScript piece of code that tells react-native it should hide the spinner 🎉

Sample code:

{this.state.isLoading ? (
    <ActivityIndicator size="large" style={{ alignSelf: 'center', marginTop: 150 }} />
) : null}
    style={{ width: '100%', display: !this.state.isLoading ? 'flex' : 'none' }}
    source={{ uri: '' }}
    onMessage={event => {
        if ( === 'loaded') {
                isLoading: false,